Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if i have said it ,unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.


Monday, August 30

AN ANALYSIS OF VEDIC VS. DARWINIST CLAIMS: How Quantum Physics Trumps Modern Biology

There is a book by a famous world-class biologist named Richard Dawkins: The God Delusion. It is very well written, supported, and convincing. In it he explains how Darwinism is completely correct, and all of modern science- especially biology and chemistry- support this. He also details how religions are baseless and unprovable.

There is another book by a world renowned spiritualist and medical doctor named Deepak Chopra: Life After Death. It is also very well written, supported, and convincing. In this book he explains how life after death is quite well proven, logical, and simply common sense. He also claims that the afterlife is universal, fitting each person's religion that passes. Melding Vedic and Buddhist teachings with modern science, he makes the fear of death seem pointless.

Being open minded, I read both of those books and found them both fascinating. In Chopra's book, he mentions Dawkins' concept of "memes" and explains them, even though he does not agree with the idea. Memes sound to me like what used to be called race memories, as well as societal mores. Using them to explain away soul was not Dawkins' finest moment.

Although Dawkins wrote an excellent book with a lot of very good points and ideas, it is basically not possible to agree with both books' themes simultaneously. As much as I wish I were simply an atheist, I must admit Chopra's book was more intriguing and realistic. If we want to believe that we are more than the sum of our parts- which for humans is a heap of a few trillion cells in a water bag- then we must err on the side of the Akashic field Chopra espouses.

It would be very convenient to think evolution is the bottom line for everything; but I have yet to hear a biological explanation for ghosts, clairvoyance, E.S.P., full xenoglossy, reincarnation, NDE's, nor the accounts of delogs. I have also had personal experiences that prove otherwise.

Like the UFO debunker buffoons, the strict Darwinists will go to such great lengths to refute the obvious that their explanations frequently sound more implausible than the event or process they are trying to convince people never happened. Most of their assertions are downright absurd. In this spirit, I guess you could say, I would be quite amused to hear their explanation for ghosts- especially the ones that interact in real time with their observers.

Reading these books, especially Chopra's, have led me to form my own conclusions about the afterlife. They are not Chopra's views necessarily, nor do they conflict with his as far as I know, but more of an extension of what he left out of his book. I must point out that he is a little too lenient on some people who are obvious nuts, such as his apparent belief in catholic hallucination tales. Regardless, his conclusions on what the afterlife entails leads me to a more detailed- erstwhile succinct- conclusion.

I have thereby come to believe that the Vedic rishis and Buddhist monks are indeed correct. The Akashic field is real, and the universe is like a giant brain: alive, all knowing and powerful, superconscious, self-creating and self-perpetuating. We humans are but cells within this brain. The other deities thought up over time are also real, and are more like what we currently think of as demi-gods or more likely, advanced humanoid life forms higher than us. We are frequently recycled, as dead cells in our bodies are. We maintain a link to our past cell-like existence via the encoded info in the spaces between our DNA helices on a subatomic level. Quantum physics comes into the equation in a big way, and meshes in perfectly with the ideals of Eastern thought.

When people die, physically, they see an image of an archetype that matches their religion. It reinforces their beliefs and they go into a pseudo-aware state that is akin to dreaming. They believe they are in the afterlife they expected. If they thought when they died that they deserved a Christian hell, then they will be in a Christian hell nightmare, as physically real to them as their former reality. If they think they deserved to go to a Christian heaven, they will enjoy that existent state. The same is true for any person of any religion. The Akashic field knows their mind and initiates a loop of their expectations. This continues until they are reborn. Rebirth could be right away, or a few centuries from then. The whole time they are in a Matrix-like state. It would indeed be very similar to the movie: everyone dreaming, their bodies preserved while wires going into their heads induce a common dream state. Their whole lives turn out to be a dream program run by a giant computer. Here, the giant computer is the Akashic field, or brain that is the universe.

What is profoundly disturbing about all this is three things:
1. all deeds go unpunished. there is no afterlife consequence for people who do not believe in hell or its equivalent. psychopaths that enjoy killing people or worse, and do not believe in a religion, will rest comfortably after death and no punishment will ever occur.
2. the illusion that is religion is coddled so to speak by the field, and even after death, few learn the truth of the higher planes and the greater scheme of things. once a worker cell, always a worker cell. ignorance and disproven dogma are rewarded with a dream state of the fantasy.
3. upon reincarnation, if ever, the lessons of this are lost and our ignorant souls are recycled, doomed to start the process again.

Death, rest, reincarnate. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Since atheists have made a pseudo-religion in itself out of being anti-religion, they would simply rest with no dream at all until reincarnation. Occam's razor is frequently held up by Christians as a scare tactic to to get people to believe their bible. I say it applies much more appropriately here. If you want any chance of breaking the cycle and advancing to a higher existence than as a sort of worker cell, then you should learn all you can about Eastern thought before you die. If it is wrong, you did not waste your time: the holy men of India and Tibet have some really impressive morals and ideals that are worth emulating. The same cannot be said for the contents of the Christian bible, with all of its murder, rape, slavery, butchery, genocide, and other self-contradictory nonsense and mayhem. So leave Occam's Razor to the East, if you please.

In conclusion, I suspect that the few true mediums such as John Edwards and James VanPraagh are contacting passed people in the rest state, where they are in the middle of their dream matrices. I also feel that hedonism is a valid path  for those wanting to enjoy what lives they have left, since the afterlife is a fantasy and this life is rarely remembered into the next one.

Party up.

Monday, July 26


It is quite ironic how the 'conservative' imbecile crowd treats people with long hair. Virtually all of them claim to be Christians. All Christians think of their Jesus as a dude with long hair, even though that is not correct. Since they think their 'savior' was a long haired guy, then why do they treat long haired guys with such disrespect?

"It's not conservative...It indicates liberalism...It indicates homosexuality...It is offensive to conservatives."

But if their savior had long hair too, well, that's okay, because, well, it just is!

Their bible they wave around says otherwise, but they do not know that, as most religious freaks do not read their own holy books. They assume. They pick and choose what they want to utilize in their sanctimonious quest for duplicitousness and hypocrisy, as long as it favors them somehow. So long hair bad. Short hair good. Just cuz.

And they use this flimsy argument to openly discriminate against people. They deny the long haired guys jobs, they treat them like crap; they think they are better. And they spread their attitude to all sectors of society. They make sure that all business owners know: if you have a long haired male working at your establishment, a conservative old lady might see them and leave without buying something!!!! So you had better write up some kind of policy to weed them out. Just call it a 'dress code'; that will work.

And all because it is the "Christian" thing to do. After all, they are "Christians", right? They do not tolerate homosexuals because the Bible says homos are evil. And only longhairs are homos. Except Jesus. Just cuz.

Perhaps the teen years of Jesus have been redacted and hidden away by the Catholic church due to his experiments with love, both female and male??? Ah, that would explain it. They are uncomfortable admitting they worship a fagget. Either that, or they are not worshipping a fagget, which would mean they are wrong to start with about the long hair thing. Either way they are screwed. Maybe I should rephrase that, since they all claim to "love" Jesus so much....

So every time someone discriminates against a guy with long hair, they are showing themselves to be homophobic, ignorant of their own bible, and a bigot. I suggest giving them the finger and applying elsewhere. :)

And one more thing: I am not gay and I am not interested in gay rights. Just making an observation through my long hair.


Monday, June 28

Gaia's Tears

There once was a man who loved nature. He felt that peace and harmony with it and other people was very important. The religion his parents brought him into didn't seem to be peaceful all the time, and it had a lot of conflicting ideas and passages. Many verses advocated or celebrated acts of violence and other bad things. He read the entire religious work, and got books that explained it further by experts on it. He decided to explore other religions as well and read their main books. All of them had a lack of virtues or conflicting ideas. He just wanted peace and love to follow.

Eventually he came across a belief system that downplayed superbeings and featured nature and its processes. It required of its followers love, peace, harmony. The main rule was simply "harm no one". He liked this. Were the other religions wrong then? He did not know, but decided that it was irrelevant. After reading their works, he seen that they borrowed heavily from one another- similar scenarios played out, similar characters, etc. If a story is repeated with only the names of its characters changed, then the older version is more likely to be true than the remake, he surmised. So which was most ancient? It turned out to be the nature-oriented one. A quest for faith had come full circle.

Then he found that people were starting to call him an evil person. They said he worshipped Barney, the purple dinosaur. And Barney is evil, because he is responsible for all kinds of bad stuff, so they said. But he did not worship Barney, he insisted. "Oh yes you do!" they kept replying. "But, I don't even believe Barney is real, he is fictitious. I cannot worship a fictional character! ", he cried out. "Liar, you Barney-worshipping SOB- you people are all alike- you lie because Barney makes you. We KNOW you worship Barney: he is REAL and YOU worship him, because WE said so. You deserve to be burned, killed, tortured, shunned, discriminated against, " the opposers wailed.

This argument persisted for a long time, and he found that it has been going on to some degree or another for centuries. 'How can they convince themselves that I worship that stupid story character? It is so ludicrous that they even believe in him, and they say I worship him out of the blue? '

The man was confused about this. He seen it over and over, repeated so many times that most of the populace believed the fairy tale as well. Any attempts to explain that he did not worship this costumed character, were met with threats and insults.

He noticed other people who professed a love of nature were being framed for unsolved murders, child abductions, and pedophilic crimes that never even ocurred. Why? Because we love nature? Because everyone is so afraid of this guy in a cloth outfit? He did not understand.

He now keeps his beliefs to himself, as freedom of religion is nonexistant.

Alone, he weeps for Gaia.

Tuesday, February 9

Wiccans: Loki's Dupes

Pagans used to be rural peoples of Europe, which were labeled and targeted for forcible conversion by the rising stench of catholicism. Later on, it came to mean any religion other than the 'big three': islam, christianity, or judaism. It still means that supposedly, encompassing all but 3 of the 2,000 plus religions of the world. This includes some pretty big ones, such as Hinduism ( or 'the Shining Path', as they call themselves). The problem of course is the hijacking of the term pagan by the so-called 'wiccans'.

Wiccans claim to be followers of those rural Europeans' ways. They claim a direct, albeit vague, tie-in to more ancient nature religions as well. Then they get into a few habits that are entirely modern, supposing this defines them as practitioners of ancient ways. For one thing, they obsess over candles and incense. Those have uses when practicing magic, but did the country folk in Europe really make such a big to-do over them as today's wiccans do? They also have a strange obsession with poems, thinking that everything must rhyme- especially spells. If they manage to say something that rhymes it can be a spell, and they assume Nature will then take care of it for them. Then of course there is their 'wiccan rede'. It is a 'rede' because that is an old word for advice. They are completely taken with the older European culture, especially the Renaissance era, and to a lesser extent the Victorian era. For some reason they don't romanticize the Dark Ages... But this rede: it is supposed to simply state that you can do whatever you want to, as long it it doesn't harm anyone else. Of course this is translated into Middle English to some degree, to sound more Renaisance-ish. Then they like to lengthen it and make it sound poetic as well. Some redes are incredibly lengthy. Aside from all this, they are obsessed with their make-it-up-as-you-go spellcasting. I can't help but see most of this as a fantasyland being played out by simplistic hippies.

They claim to be followers of The Goddess. They make a big deal out of the 'three aspects' of Her- the maiden, mother, and crone. Then they pay (minimal) lip service on ocassion to the 'lesser' Gods and Goddesses, The God, and The Source.
Here is where it really gets interesting. Over 95% of modern day 'wiccans' are converts, virtually all of which were raised as christians. Most of these are former catholics.(You know - catholics - those idolatric people that perverted original christianity so badly, and always seem to be having visions of their goddess, mary. She usually appears to them as water stains, apparitions, or deformed cheeto puffs.) Somehow it does not seem like a stretch to posit that most wiccans are in fact ex-catholics.

Their Goddess is portrayed as a humanoid female with supernatural and omniscient powers. She can look like any number of people, depending on each wiccan's 'path', which is a differnet ancient belief system with the triple goddess concept thrown in. Their God is the Goddess' significant other, and their Source is the source energy and most ancient consciousness that is behind the universe's inception. (Funny how this Source is so marginalized by them...) Then their lesser gods and goddesses are aspects of the Goddess, as in personifications of Her powers and personalities. A pattern emerges: God, Mary, Jesus. Source, Goddess, God. Saints and other biblical characters = lesser gods and goddesses. Disenfranchised, rebellious catholics which are known to be prone to hallucinations, superstitions, and idolatry rename their cast of characters and voila - there be wicca here!

Like so many belief systems, there are things they prefer not to speak of. Let us start with a dude named Gardner. He's the man from England whose writings started all of modern day wicca. In 1954. Boy, that is ancient! (There are a few older traditions that are much less popular, dating back to 1734...) Then there is the list of old religions that have been wiccanized: Celtic wicca, Norse wicca, etc.

But what can you expect from a bunch of ex-catholic simpletons? It is good that these people want to connect with Nature and so on, but are they really? Or are they playing a name replacement game, because they just can't get past the religious brainwashing they grew up with? Ask one sometime if they believe in Jesus. Most will say yes. Remember the hippy-factor is strong with them. They believe he was real and revere this 'saintly messenger'. Sounds like Christianity to me. But they are not Christians, as they don't believe in that god- they believe in the Source... Okay... Ad nauseum.

Sounds like Loki is having a ball with the wicca fad.

Tuesday, April 7

christian America?

Am I the only one who is sick and tired of hearing bullshit lies from the christians? “This is a christian nation!” “In god we trust!” “One nation under GOD!” What the fuck ever.
Just because there are a lot of christians in this country, they think they can take over and create a theocracy. They like to pretend to be patriotic and love freedom and democracy, but they sure do not practice it. Either they are very deceitful, diabolical, and conniving liars, or, they are extremely ignorant of history, religion, and civics. That's a toss up if there ever was one.
First let's address this christian-nation bullshit. There are 118 people who were considered to be the Founding Fathers. Of them, 49 claimed to be protestants, 3 catholics, and the other 66 claimed no religion, deism, theism, or atheism. So less than half of the founders- who wrote the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution by the way- were even christians. They wrote it into the First Amendment pretty clearly that freedom of religion is guaranteed, and the US Supreme Court later determined that separation of church and state is required. Then later on one of the founders became president, and it became necessary to write up a treaty with another country. This treaty clearly states that the USA is not founded on christian principles:
"Art. 11. As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian Religion...." (source)
The treaty was endorsed by John Adams:
"Now be it known, That I John Adams, President of the United States of America, having seen and considered the said Treaty do, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, accept, ratify, and confirm the same, and every clause and article thereof. And to the End that the said Treaty may be observed, and performed with good Faith on the part of the United States, I have ordered the premises to be made public; And I do hereby enjoin and require all persons bearing office civil or military within the United States, and all other citizens or inhabitants thereof, faithfully to observe and fulfill the said Treaty and every clause and article thereof." - John Adams
Congress passed it unanimously and there was no public debate over it at the time. So how can the christians say 'this is a christian nation'? Because they hope so. Because they don't know what they're talking about. Because they are ignorant and feel that a theocracy would be better than the democracy they claim to support.
Then why does it say 'in god we trust' on the money? They think that proves that they are right. Actually it proves that they are ignorant of rudimentary historical facts. 'In god we trust' was first printed on the money in 1864 for coins (first suggested by a minister in 1861), and on paper bills in 1957. Not since colonial times, as they would have you believe. The money is not really owned nor printed by the federal government anyway. The Federal Reserve, a private bank, does it. Just because a private bank decides to put that snappy logo on their product, it doesn't mean they speak for the government of the country their product is used in.
'One nation under god' is the corniest one of all. Especially how they always write it with huge letters for the word god, like: “One nation Under GOD “. Capitalization, or even all caps isn't enough I guess, so they write it in bigger font and pronounce it likewise- hanging their mouth open and saying it louder, like some weird braying cow. Anyway, the phrase was started and added to the pledge of allegiance in 1954. This was during the Vietnam war, when the govt. was trying so hard to demonize 'those godless communists!' So the Knights of Columbus- a catholic fraternity, campaigned for inclusion of the phrase until it became official. Then when it was challenged in court, the brainwashed robot league-BRL-aka, the christians, made a big freaking deal out of it. Why it is such a big sore point for them, one can only guess, since they won. Albeit- on a technicality because the original plaintiff was involved in a custody battle. But somehow I doubt that 99% of the BRL even knows that, much less that it was appealed. Then on 3/11/10 the original ruling was upheld by an appeals court. So now they think they are so religious to post this phrase all over the place- oh yeah- they are showing them damned atheist commies! Not.
I have always wanted to ask one of these christians if they think George Washington was a devil-worshiping commie. Or, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams... Not to mention Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein.... See lists in links to right.
So next time you hear their nonsense, just smile, knowing how stupid they are. Poor saps...

see also: this excellent article

Friday, March 13

Clergy: liars

I planned to post a work about how incorrect christianity is, but it is not easy to start. It has already been done a million times on a few thousand other sites. What can I add? See the link at right titled 'christianity...'. It is the mother lode of what is wrong with that religion. The pages about the inquisitions, the debate over women being humans or not, and many other things makes you wonder how anyone could fall into that religion's trap. I suppose when you are brainwashed since birth and taught that way of thinking....That way being hypocrisy and double standards to maintain the myth, despite the factual history and texts.

Christians constantly criticize numerous other religions for having a 'pick and choose' option. Then they pick and choose which parts of their own bible to follow and which parts to ignore. Plus, they pick more things to add on to it out of thin air- as long as it is politically correct.

One thing I can enter into this field is a couple of my personal experiences.

A man who was the strong patriarch of his family gets brain cancer. One operation fails to get it all out, so the doctors schedule a second one. His preacher says that their god will take care of it. He tells the family that if they pray hard enough, it will all be ok. In the end, he suffered greatly and died. His family, and extended family, were crushed. The wife got into drugs, and later so did her kids and her sisters. Now there are several people with messed up lives because they just can't get over it. It has been 15 years now and they are all drugees still. Good thing they prayed so hard. They are still very religious too, quoting their bibles one minute and snorting crank the next. Meanwhile they backstab one another and fight like crazy. This is a family that 'knows' Jesus.

There is a different family that is also very religious. They have bible verses written on scraps of paper and taped up on their walls all over their house. They go to church every week. They are very nice people, six days a week that is. Then on Sunday, they become inquisitors. They want to talk about your 'relationship with' their god, why you don't go to church, etc. When you won't discuss it, they get very angry and treat their other family members very rudely. Once they even said that their daughter will be "beheaded before christ" if she doesn't change very soon. That was a new one to me. Any supposed christian that actually believes their jesus would stand there and watch people getting beheaded in front of him just because they did not go to church, well, they have a pretty screwed up idea of what Jesus said in their bible. But of course, these are the same people who went on and on about Obama being the antichrist because it says so in the book of revelations. How despicable that a crackpot preacher uses his position to dupe his congregation into believing political nonsense. This obviously republican preacher is a liar. That rumor was traced to a GOP senator in California. It has no context whatsoever in the book of revelations. Sadly, no republican christian even bothered to crack open the bibles they love to wave around so much. If they had, they would have learned that it simply does not say that. Not to mention their politically correct GOP invented fear of Muslims- it says the antichrist will be of muslim descent? I have one word for that: timeline. When was the bible written, and when was Islam founded?

It's all about fear and threats. Ignorance reigns. Nothing is verified. As for their god's commandments-literally written in stone- as well as Jesus' teachings: pick and choose time. Does the current politician speaking for the GOP say it is ok to follow commandment number two today? We already know that number one has been disallowed by modern politicians; this is why religious people are usually flag-waving patriots who support wars and genocides around the world: because their politicians said it is ok. That negates their bibles.

It is very sad that so many nice, well meaning people get suckered into this hypocritical nonsense by the mirror image of politicians: clergy.

Monday, March 9

Who is the Goddess?

Who is The Goddess?

The Goddess is the sentience of the life form we are a part of. She is a planet we call the earth, and some refer to as Gaia. This planet is more than just a large ecosystem; it is a complex being.

There was a Star Trek episode once where their ship started doing what it wanted instead of what its crew directed it to. Their android crew member finally figured out that their ship was so complex and experienced, that it had become 'more than the sum of its parts'. Just as we are. A human being is made up of well over 37 trillion cells. Each cell is a living thing. How sentient we do not know, but the way our brains work is still a great mystery. At least the dendritic brain cells may indeed be quite individual and self-aware. The combination of the trillions of cells that make us up composes one human. Are we merely a pile of interdependent cells pooled together, or are we more than the sum of our parts?

Just the same, what about this planet? At least as complex as a human being, if not much more, a planet has all the cells we do, all the elements, all the chemicals and other substances, and plenty of electrical charge inside and around it. Who are we to say that it could not be 'alive', any less than we are?

There are certainly signs of the planet having consciousness. It has electrical paths in known places in large, complex grids.They are known as ley lines. There are recordings of the earth 'screaming' , which scientists declared to be radiation emitted from Earth (just like when scientists declared that 'lobsters are not screaming when you boil them- it is air exiting their gills...' ). The earth also hums. Numerous major weather incidents occur yearly without pattern or notice (fodder for conspiracy theorists, who claim the govt. controls it with 'scalar weapons' ). Most interesting though, are the messages left in crops, fields of trees, ice sheets, and other areas round the world on a constant basis. These are known as crop circles. There are even marine light wheels.

Of course the politically correct/common knowledge explanation is that two old men admitted to faking crop circles with a board. What isn't as well known is that after their 'confession', one became a reclusive drunk and the other killed himself. So is this drunkard who is about 70 years old still doing it? Or maybe people copying him? How many people would it take to fake these at random places all over the world every night, and without ever getting caught, or spilling the beans on it? Just because a few college kids in England have made a few, does not explain the rest of them all over the planet, the ice formations, the larger trees bent over, nor the mere size and complexity of the formations. Most anymore are interwoven which is impossible by walking on them with a board. They are also bent on a molecular level, and the areas contain unusually strong magnetic fields as well as extremely rare metal traces. No human or group of them could fake 99% of these if they tried to. But if the planet itself wanted to, it could emit a magnetic and microwave vortex to form these designs. Frequently orbs are seen near crop circles. These could be tools the earth uses.

Why would the earth make designs instead of writing "Hi, I am alive and you better stop polluting me" or something like that? This is another thing the debunker/skeptic crowd conveniently fails to mention: it has! Not those exact words, but here are a few things it has 'stated': a.) exact representations of oscillographic displays, which when graphed create complex, previously unknown mathematical equations. b.) DNA helices and animal representations have also been formed. c.) ancient religious symbols appear frequently as well. d.) obvious representations of astronomical placements, including approaching comets. e.) responses to media accusations of fakery. for example, when it was postulated that blimps were used to fake crop circles, a new one appeared under high tension power lines. when it was said people were still walking on them with boards, a new one appeared in a rapeseed field, which is very brittle and could not have been bent the way wheat supposedly is. things like this have happened numerous times. f.) similar formations have appeared in ice sheets, mud fields, tree stands, and other places the traditional 'explanation' cannot be utilized. g.) after one group of serious crop circle researchers pressed into a field the words 'talk to us', a response appeared the next day on a hillside. it was in an ancient, obscure language written in a rare script that only a few professors around the world even know. The reply translated to: "we oppose cunning and deceit". [Digest that one for a bit.] The PAX channel has an excellent documentary on this. There is also a great book on this.

Obviously, there is a very intelligent being trying to communicate with us. It has tried math, science, astronomy, religion, and at least once- human language. The designs are becoming larger and more complex all the time, and in more and more areas of the world.The aliens may be a possibility, but the earth without a doubt would be the main suspect here. It certainly cannot be done by humans.

It seems that the newer phenomena, crop-glyphs, are the ones being perpetuated in a copycat manner by aliens, judging by their messages and unique style. That is a different subject though. Both glyphs and circles are discussed on most crop circle sites.

If the earth is a conscious, sentient life form, then what about all of the other planets? There is no reason to believe that they are not also living creatures, as well as every other astral body. The stars, the planets, the comets and asteroids....all could be alive.
Remember Crowley's famous quote : "every man and every woman is a star" ? Perhaps continual ascension of our spirits can eventually lead to this super-state.

Our main concern is the planet we live on though. We are either an integral part of it, or perhaps more like parasites. Either way, we should all respect our home.

The forces of nature, as opposed to the physical matter of nature, are supposed to signify the God. Together they make up life and creation as we know it. The 'lesser' gods and goddesses are supposed to be either aspects of, or nature spirits of, the earth and /or its processes; or, more likely, are individual entities which are merely superior life forms to us- like advanced humans akin to demi-gods. I suppose the Goddess could conjure a physical humanoid presence and show Herself. But why bother, at least frequently? Appearances from higher entities including god and goddess level figures is not unheard of among advanced practitioners of high magick. But appearing to the unbelieving masses- why bother? Suppose one of our cells figured out a way to get our attention and communicate with us. Would we reciprocate it with that one, or try to give a speech to the other trillions of cells about who is really boss? We have other matters to concern us, and so do the astral bodies and forces of nature.........

Since so many modern religions are merely a retelling of the same tales and virtues with only the character names changed, it seems to me that the more ancient a religion is the more valid it is.This reverence for the earth and nature's processes is the most ancient belief system in the world, dating back to the dawn of mankind at least. 100,000 year old cave paintings back this up.

Note that I am getting vague now. This is because I do not claim to know everything, unlike most people when they speak of religion. I do not have a book to point at, and I do not have a church or a priest to back me up. I have only my observations and feelings to report. The fascinating part is that many others have come to very similar conclusions as I have, independently. And we are known as 'eclectic pagans'.

Please do not confuse us with occult based groups. We are just Nature lovers that see a bigger picture.

Hail the Goddess.